KIDS will build on the successful Making It Personal: 2 (MIP2) in order to deliver MIP3, which will;

Explore innovative solutions to unlock the potential of using base and high needs block funding to develop Educational Personal Budgets

Improve engagement and understanding of young people with personal budgets

Produce guidance on Personal Budgets for Educational establishments and young people

Through engagement with our consortium partners - all key education leadership organisations – KIDS shall use all reasonable endeavours to achieve the following aims

Identify and stimulate activity around personal budgets and support education providers to identify ways to use their budgets more creatively to personalise learning for students

Produce guidance for schools and colleges including case studies to encourage others to develop thinking and practice beyond existing examples in relation to the use of high needs funding for personal budgets

Through bringing together groups of disabled young people across three localities we will enable young people to influence and shape information and young people guidance on personal budgets

KIDS objectives for MIP3 are to :

Mobilise and engage a Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) that will positively influence the education sector to implement educational personal budgets

Work with three schools/colleges and their respective local authority education departments across the North West, Midlands and the South

Produce guidance for schools/colleges/local authority education departments including 15 case studies

Set up three Young People Engagement Groups with a minimum of six meetings in three localities, including young people from hard to reach groups, and produce YP guidance on PBs