Making it Personal

The government is committed to their decision that by 2014, all families with disabled children and young people will have the option to use a personal budget. However, for many families, the concept of having a personal budget, over which they have complete control, to spend on services that meet the needs of their child, is new and often very daunting.

Making it Personal was a project funded by the Department for Education to provide support and advice to for parents and carers of disabled children and young people and also to commissioners, about personalisation and personal budgets.

KIDS worked with In Control, the Office of Public Management, Disability Rights UK, Daycare Trust and NAFIS to develop:

  • Case studies to illustrate how families have accessed and used personal budgets;
  • handbook for parents about what personal budgets are, why they are being promoted by the government and how they can be successfully used to provide families with more choice and control over the support and services that they access;
  • Online guidance, to compliment the handbook, covering the basic facts about personal budgets.
  • Supportive guidance for commissioners on how to effectively implement the whole system changes required in order to make personalisation and personal budgets for disabled children and young people possible.

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