Family Support

Often families with disabled children can feel isolated and developing independent lives becomes difficult for the whole family. KIDS offers a number of different services to parents, siblings and young carers to support them through their situation whether that is signposting, counselling, mediation, emotional support or just the opportunity to meet other families in the same situation.    

Independent Support

Our Independent Supporters are trained to help families and young people through the new Education, Health and Care Plan assessment, planning and development process. Our approach is to provide support which is flexible to meet your family’s individual needs which includes offering advice on the telephone, face to face meetings, including home visits, and joining you in attending meetings in schools or with other professionals.  Find out more...

SEND Information Advice and Support Services - SENDIASS (formally Parent Partnership Services)

SENDIASS gives support and advice to parents and carers whose children have special educational needs.

Information on special educational needs is provided independently and neutrally and guidance is given to help parents make appropriate, informed choices for their children. Parent partnerships can support parents at school meetings, annual reviews and tribunals. The service helps to explain:

  • The special educational needs system;
  • Parents’ roles and rights;
  • Assessment and provision;
  • Professional reports;
  • The roles of other agencies;
  • Educational options and choices. Find out more....

Key Working

The key worker service is offered to those families who have a child with severe and complex needs and who have a number of professionals involved with their child. The key worker will work in partnership with families to oversee and coordinate the delivery of these services and will provide families with a single point of contact for information, advice, emotional and practical support. Find out more....

Sibling and young carer support
Sibling and young carer projects provide support for children and young people who have a brother or sister who is disabled. Siblings and young carers often have significant responsibilities for their disabled brother or sister. Our projects give these young people the opportunity to meet others, make friends, share experiences and have fun. Sibling and young carer projects arrange activities in small groups and have regular meetings outside of the family home. Find out more....

SEN Mediation and Disagreement Resolution

Our SEN Mediation and Disagreement Resolution Service provides mediation meetings for parents of children with Special Educational Needs and their local education authority or the child’s school when there is some kind of disagreement surrounding how best to meet those needs. Mediation is an informal, voluntary process where parties in disagreement meet together with an independent mediator. The mediator is neutral and impartial and does not put forward suggestions or solutions to the disagreement. The mediator is there to help facilitate discussions and to make sure everyone is treated fairly. The aim of mediation is to reach an agreement which is right for both parties. It is the parties themselves who decide on the outcome of the mediation through willingly participating in the mediation process. Over 80% of mediations with our service result in some kind of agreement. Find out more....

Legal Advice

KIDS does not give legal advice but we recognise that  it’s helpful to know who to turn to if legal action is needed to help resolve an issue. Find out more....

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