eLearning for families

KIDS is launching a new eLearning package for families

The eLearning has been designed to put the needs of you and your disabled child at the centre of this bespoke package. Be one of the first to take control of developing the skills of those you want to care for your child’s needs.

KIDS’ vision is a world in which all disabled children and young people realise their aspirations and their right to an inclusive community which supports them and their families.

To enable this, KIDS has developed a range of tools for parents and carers to use when making decisions about how to give their child the best support when accessing personal budgets.

At KIDS we know that your child is as unique as their handprint. Whatever their impairment or condition, all children want to play and have fun with their friends.

KIDS eLearning was initially developed for Short Breaks workers to understand how to respond appropriately to each child’s individual requirements.

Over the past few years, local authorities have used KIDS eLearning to pass this good practice on to their own staff. The KIDS eLearning was relaunched earlier his year on a more accessible and interactive platform, with the aim of making it as inclusive as possible for users.

With this in mind, KIDS is now able to bring this improved eLearning package to parents so they can access it in small, bite-size chunks. Designed to fit around busy lives, with images and quizzes to keep information fresh in the mind. This new package is perfect for families!

Many families and carers of disabled children are becoming aware of the government plans to give greater control to families through personal budgets. KIDS knows that this can seem daunting when you already have so many other things to think about. To get you started KIDS has already provided free eLearning modules explaining how personal budgets work.

If you have decided that you want to employ people to care for your child’s requirements, then the KIDS eLearning package can flexibly cater to your needs.

• You are in control, you can choose which modules are most appropriate for you

• Up to 5 people of your choice can use the modules to develop their skills

• You can choose as many or as few modules as you like

• KIDS will provide technical help and support via email and telephone

KIDS has worked to deliver a number of bespoke package options to suit every budget. Bundled with a suite of free modules, we hope this represents good value for every family. To begin personalising your own eLearning package, contact KIDS now!

For more information and pricing details please email elearning@kids.org.uk, call 0207 359 3635 or download our flyer.

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