KIDS National Development Department was commissioned by the British Council, working on the West Bank of the Palestinian Territories, to investigate how An-Najah National University in Nablus, could develop their provision for disabled students.

KIDS worked closely with the British Council, the University’s People with Disability Care Office (OCFD) and Office for International Development and External Affairs (IDEA) throughout the project.

The project included research into some international good practice and current accessibility for disabled students at the university. KIDS also developed a questionnaire, with support from the OCFD, and had 14 face to face consultation meetings with a range of organisations and services and students and staff at the university, during a four day visit to Nablus.

KIDS analysis of the information led to the development of a number of recommendations establishing how the University could build on its existing good practice, to become more accessible and inclusive for disabled students in the future.

This work was completed in May 2014, when the final analysis and report was presented to the British Council. The British Council has kindly given KIDS permission to share this report on our website, but it remains the property of the British Council. 

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