KIDS Playground Appeal

16 November 2015


KIDS runs four adventure playgrounds - they provide an opportunity for unrivalled play and development for disabled children and young people.

My son has been coming here since he was six. He is now 24. The playground has been a sanctuary for me just as much as him. It has given him the chance to be a child like any other, It has given me times when I’m free form the all the pressure of having a severely disabled boy.”

The KIDS playgrounds are facing a very challenging financial future and we are calling on people to support these life changing facilities.

We need support from people so that we can continue to cater for a need that does not change; the need for all children to play and be themselves in a safe, inclusive environment.

Would you consider making a donation in order to support the playgrounds and ensure that disabled children continue to benefit from these remarkable spaces?

A donation of £25 would help support one child to visit for a day and have specialist care in a safe and protective environment whilst enabling their families to have a well- needed break

Thank you for taking the time to consider this appeal - your support is much appreciated.



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