KIDS Ambassador Programme parliamentary launch

28 November 2014

The Thames Pavilion at the Houses of Parliament became the venue for the launch of The KIDS Ambassador Programme last week, hosted by John Hayes MP.

The Ambassador programme pays tribute to supporters who have shown a deep commitment to KIDS through the contribution of significant funds and/or time over the years. It's also an opportunity for new people and organisations to make a commitment to support the work of KIDS through organising specific fundraising activities and/or making significant donations to our cause.

Peter Rowbottom, Director of Fundraising explained why the scheme is so important. "We need you to help ensure that our work continues to change people's lives. In order to do that we need your commitment – and that is why we have launched our Ambassador programme". View Peter's full speech

At the event, two young people who attend the Thumbs Up Youth Club in Winchester spoke about their experiences with KIDS.

"I have cerebral palsy but that won’t stop me! […] I have had some amazing experiences that if it were not for KIDS I would never ever of had the opportunity" – Georgia, aged 17. View Georgia's full speech

"Despite my autism, I have aspirations to become an actor. KIDS have helped me to become more confident and supported my social skills" – Rhodri, aged 16. View Rhodri's full speech

KIDS President Rosa Monckton said the help and support she has personally received from KIDS has been invaluable. "Their work is about care. They have a uniquely holistic approach that helps the families as well as the child." Monckton told the attendees to "Get out there as ambassadors, see what it's like".

If you would like to find out more about becoming a part of the Ambassador scheme, please email


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