If you work for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, we really need your


In the UK, disability affects four times as many people as heart disease. By

choosing KIDS you will be raising the profile of disabled children and providing

vital funds to support their journey into adulthood. Voting is now open and runs

from Tuesday 18th October until Friday 28th October.

Please vote for KIDS!

Help change the lives of thousands of Young Disabled People

There are over 800,000 disabled children under the age of 16 in the UK, statistics show that by
the time they reach their 20’s almost half will be NEET (not in education, employment or training).
Through our National Transitions Programme we will help change this, but this will only be possible with
your support.

Launching a National Transitions Programme together

KIDS currently support over 1,850 of the most isolated and vulnerable young disabled people equipping them
with vital life skills as they enter adulthood. We want to make this a national programme, supporting thousands
more over the two year partnership. Your support will:

  • Make BofAML a founding partner for our national transitions programme
  • Help more than triple our transitions programmes across England to 60 projects
  • Allow us to launch an interactive e-learning hub  on our website
  • Help run weekly workshops for vulnerable young disabled people providing training in areas such as health and safety, financial planning, employment ready, etc.
  • Provide a Train-the-Trainer programme to build KIDS organisational capacity

Supporting the partnership

KIDS has a wealth of experience supporting Charity Partnerships with companies such as Disney, RBS, Greystar, The Waldorf Hilton and many more. Our dedicated account manager will work with you to develop a fully integrated partnership providing a range of innovative fundraising events as well as a range of volunteering opportunities.

You will be pleased to know almost 200 Bank of America Merrill Lynch staff have already volunteered for KIDS previously and this partnership will provide a great way for developing new skills and team building in a relaxed setting. As well as general volunteering at our sites across England, use your skills to deliver financial planning and employment ready workshops, making a direct impact on the lives of young disabled people.