Anonymous person pays Christmas meal bill

22 December 2014

Young People from the KIDS Inclusion Transition Extended Services (KITES) had a wonderful surprise when they came to the end of their Christmas meal and found their bill had been paid for by an anonymous person.

KITES provides disabled people aged 14 to 25 years living in the Solihull borough with an opportunity to receive transition support at crucial times in their lives when moving from child to adulthood.

On Friday 12th December the young people attended The Sharman's Cross in Solihull for their Christmas meal. They had an amazing evening filled with chatter and laughter. However, when staff tried to pay the bill, they were told "You don't need to pay anything. An anonymous customer saw you all having a good time and paid the bill for you!"

Staff members Vicky Skerrett and Tony Ibbotson were choked at the kind gesture. Vicky, Senior Worker, said "it was the cherry on the cake after such an amazing evening".

Sharon Coton the service coordinator would like to thank the very generous thoughtful person personally for their donation towards ours group. Donations like this are valuable to the group and enable us continue with the much needed service that KIDS delivers.



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