KIDS runs a youth group for young disabled people aged living in South Gloucestershire.  It’s an opportunity for young disabled people to relax, have fun, socialise and try new things.

For young people, they have new experiences, interact with their peers and have a short break.

For professionals, it gives them the confidence and knowledge to be able to support young disabled people, and promote their interpersonal skills and independence.

For families/carers, it provides them a short break on a Friday evening.
‘It’s the only venue where he runs in with a big smiling face and comes out shattered and has a great night’s sleep.  Thanks to KIDS – you really do change lives’ Parent of young person from the Social Club

This service is for:

  • Young disabled people aged 12 to 18.
  • Professionals – managers, practitioners and volunteers who work with the above.
  • The family/carers of a disabled child.

The  Social Club promotes the following:

  • Young disabled people have a safe and secure atmosphere where they feel confident about socialising.
  • Young people feel less isolated as they have an increased ability to make new friends.
  • Young people are empowered to strengthen their social skills, and therefore are better able to build healthy friendships and relationships outside of the club.
  • Young people and their families have a break on a Friday night, an appropriate time of the week for young people to go and socialise and for their families to have some time for themselves.
  • Young people have the opportunity to try new things therefore increasing their confidence.

Car: car park available for workers and to drop-of/pick-up

Public transportation: bus 

It takes place once a month on a Friday evening from 7pm-9pm. The cost is £2 per session. You can access this service via self-referral.


Louisa Jennings (Manager)

Phone: 01179 476111


Address: Acorn House, Kingswood Estate, Britannia Road, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 8DB