Our service aims to settle disagreements that arise between parents and local authorities / schools about the special educational needs (SEN) of children and young people, and how best to meet these needs.

The KIDS London SEN Mediation Service provides mediation meetings for parents of children with Special Educational Needs and their local education authority or the child’s school when there is some kind of disagreement surrounding how best to meet those needs. Mediation is an informal, voluntary process where parties in disagreement meet together with an independent mediator.

The KIDS London SEN Mediation Service provides mediation meetings for parents, local authorities and schools in the majority of London boroughs as well as Luton, Bedford and Hertfordshire. 

More information can be found on our Mediation Service pages.

The KIDS London SEN Mediation service is accredited as a mediation provider organisation by the Civil Mediation Council.

Clarity of thinking about the issues involved in the relationship with a parent and family members. Opportunities to discuss points of view. Finding a way forward. [The mediation process was] extremely useful. The whole process from initial contact to the mediation has been very impressive and useful. 

How does mediation work?

Mediation is an informal, voluntary process which involves an independent facilitator (the mediator) helping those in dispute to reach agreements that are acceptable to all parties. The mediator is impartial, does not take sides, nor put forward suggestions or possible solutions to the dispute. The mediator is there to help to facilitate discussions and to make sure everyone is treated fairly. The mediator is in control of the process but not of the outcome of the mediation. It is the parties themselves that find solutions and decide the outcome through participating in the mediation process. Learn more about the mediation process

Using mediation does not affect your right of appeal to the SEND Tribunal. For more information about the SEND Tribunal, please visit their website here.

Mediation works best when parties to the dispute come to the meeting with a real desire to resolve the disagreement and a willingness to negotiate. In deciding whether to take part in mediation, the Local Authority or school and the parent(s)/ carer(s) should consider whether there is scope for agreement on any of the issues causing disagreement.

KIDS London SEN Mediation Service has an experienced panel of independent, experienced mediators who are independent, highly skilled, experienced professionals that have an accredited qualification in mediation and have received additional training in SEN legislation and practice.

Who is the service for?

This Service is for parents/carers, local authority representatives, school representatives and young people. If referrals are made by anyone other than parents, permission must be given first by the parents before contacting us.

How to make a referral

Parents can make referrals themselves. Any other party must have parents’ permission for contacting us. 

Requests for mediation can come from:

  •   Parents
  •   Local Authority Officers
  •   Parent Partnership Officers
  •   School staff
  •   Other parties, such as voluntary agencies.

No paperwork is required. Simply phone or email us:

Phone: 020 7359 3635 

A member of staff will take details of the case and if both parties to the disagreement agree to take part in mediation, a date will be arranged, and the mediation will proceed.

Please note that Local Authority Officers, Parent Partnership Officers or any other third parties must have permission from parents/ carers before passing their details to the KIDS London SEN Mediation Service.

Parent Referrals

It is important that parents have access to advice and information.  This is usually provided by local Parent Partnership Services. The National Parent Partnership Network website can help you locate the Parent Partnership office in your area.

The KIDS London SEN Mediation Service is provided free of charge to parents.

Local Authority Referrals

Please click here for more information on local authority referrals

How to contact us

Audrey Dorival on 0207 359 3635

KIDS London, SEN Mediation Service, 7-9 Elliott's Place, London N1 8HX

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