How does the service work?
  • Provides high quality residential short breaks to meet the assessed needs of each young person irrespective of their condition, disability or impairment.
  • Aims to enhance the quality of young people’s lives promoting dignity, independence and open access to community resources.
  • Empowers young people to have a voice impacting on the services they receive by supporting them to design their own care package.
  • Creates opportunities for young people to enjoy a fun and friendly sleepover in a homely environment with their friends

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Who is it for?

The breaks aim to supports disabled children and young people between the ages of 6–18 years.

It is suitable for:

Children and young people who may display challenging behaviours in association with their disability.

Young people who are in need of an environment that provides clear boundaries and expectations.

Young people who are in need of developing social and independent living skills.

When is it on?

Day Term time School holidays
Monday Open Open
Tuesday Open Open
Wednesday Open Open
Thursday Open Open
Friday Open Open
Saturday Closed Open
Sunday Closed Open

How to access the serviceReferrals can be made through Children's Services

FacilitiesThe homely environment has four fully furnished bedrooms, giving each young person their own private space. There are two bathrooms.

We have an adapted vehicle that allows us to do school collections and to take Young People on days out.

The current facilities include a communal lounge and dining area, kitchen, access to sensory room, soft playroom, laundry facilities, books, toys, games, internet, newspapers and magazines.

We operate a key worker system with life and social skills training through practical experience and interaction within the community.

Testimonials“It's fantastic to meet and observe such a tight staff team, who know every detail about every young person in your care…WELL DONE”   
Ofsted Inspector

“You are all life savers…..I wouldn’t be able to cope without you guys”

“I am grateful for all the hard work that the staff put into the activities, my son really enjoys himself while staying at KIDS House....Everyone needs a KIDS House in their lives”
“I love staying here withmy friend, it’s the only time I see him and it’s like a real sleepover”
KIDS House attendee

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