How does the service work? Through planned 1 -1 sessions the service facilitates leisure and play activities to help the child/young person expand their interests and explore, new social opportunities and build up positive experiences.

Families are allocated a designated 1 -1 short breaks worker who organises regular short beak sessions through the Short Breaks allocation of hours in partnership with the family.
The worker will collect and drop off the child/young person from their home. The sessions can be home and community based depending on the needs of the child/young person and their family. Sessions can take place week days, weekends and during the holidays.

Who is the service for?Dsasbled children and young people aged 2-18 and their families

How does it help?

Provides children/young people with fun, positive play and leisure experiences and opportunities.

Enable parents/carers to take a short break.

Works in partnership with parents/carers and families to support the growth and development of disabled children and young people.

When is it on?

Day Time
Monday 07.00-0.00
Tuesday 07.00-0.00
Wednesday 07.00-0.00
Thursday 07.00-0.00
Friday 07.00-0.00
Saturday 07.00-0.00
Sunday 07.00-0.00


The service will arrange a home registration visit

How to access this service

Referrals are via the Short Breaks team in Hackney and Waltham Forest.

Contact Michael Singh on 0208 8066 149 or 07877 892376
Contactable Monday-Friday from 9.00-18.30