Adventure playgrounds buzzing with activity

19 November 2015

Over the last month we have had a range of visitors to our Adventure playgrounds around London - making a fantastic experience for the children who have been on school holidays!

A few weeks ago we had two visitors from Santander UK, Islington Branch  - Santander kindly gave us a donation towards the maintenance of the Hackney playground. A big thank you to Chris and Colleen who spent the afternoon with the London fundraising team, learning more about the playground and the children that attend. The kids absolutely loved the visit and even put on a 'Frozen' inspired performance for Chris and Colleen, with many of the boys referring to Chris as 'The President' due to his suit attire.

Before Halloween, our Lady Allen playground had a Halloween dress up day which happened to be the same day the Senior Management team from Nikon had a Corporate volunteer session.

The Nikon team were keen on volunteering in a different way to most and rather than cleaning up or doing maintenance on the playground, the team spent the afternoon taking photos of the lovely children that are regulars.

This was absolutely fantastic for our organisation, as high quality pictures are hard to come across and always needed! We were very happy with the results that the Nikon team put together, they really captured the spirit of the children and we're sure we'll be using the beautiful pictures for years to come.

We could tell some of the children loved the whole experience too, with many seeming to pop up wherever the cameras were.  Watch this space for some of the pictures!

Finally, our Lady Allen playground had a fantastic Bonfire night on November the 7th, with a turnout of over 60 people including many children and their families. The guests enjoyed a barbeque and performance from a band whose members all had disabilities. 

With the huge leave fall and left over wood after the Bonfire night, this meant a good tidy up was needed! That's where the corporate volunteer team at Credit Suisse came in - they spent the day last week cleaning up the leaves and tidying the whole outside of the playground for us.  The team bagged an astonishing 200 sacks of leaves and did a fantastic job. 

Our four adventure playgrounds are a vital service here in London - they provide an opportunity for unrivalled play and development for disabled children and young people. This November we are doing an appeal to raise £10,000 for our Lady Allen and Chelsea playgrounds who are facing a challenging financial future. 

To donate now to our playgrounds, please go to the following link - or to learn more about Corporate Volunteering here.


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