Making life better for kids with a disability

21 August 2015
Disabled children often face a tough time at school due to a lack of awareness among staff and non-disabled peers, the absence of proper facilities, and unfavorable attitudes towards disability.

To improve this situation, we have to make sure that our schools are equipped with the right mobility equipment, and teachers and non-disabled children are educated about disabilities.

As a parent, you should also ensure that your children are taught to treat all people alike – no matter their race, religion, color, gender or disability.

For more information on disabilities and how to help improve the life of disabled children at school, check out this below infographic from UKS Mobility

KIDS works with schools to promote inclusivity for disabled children. 

KIDS eLearning is an accessible, interactive platform for training individuals or workforces about disability and inclusion.

Our Hull Inclusion Project aims to support parents and/or carers of children who have Special Education Needs and are experiencing some behaviour issues at school


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