Firewalk for KIDS

13 November 2015

On Friday the 5th of November, we had a great turnout of 39 participants for our Firewalk at Broadgate, in Finsbury Square. The participants braced the wind and rain and once they arrived, they were excited to get learning about how to walk unharmed across 20 feet of wood embers burning at 669ºC.

Run by Blaze, the psychological Fear Buster seminar called “Learn or Burn" that needed to be completed before walking was designed to equip the participants with the resources to walk unharmed. This ended up being most peoples’ favourite part of the evening.

One of the attendees noted “The firewalk was a fantastic (and surprisingly painless!) experience. The motivational training beforehand was really empowering and the feeling of pride afterwards was absolutely amazing.”    

Another gave us the following feedback:

“It was such a fantastic experience! The whole event was well planned and KIDS and Blaze did a great job of making us all feel like we were in safe hands.

The talk beforehand was inspiring and all participants we were so motivated I think we all felt a bit invincible that night!

Some friends and family thought I was mad to even consider doing a firewalk and although I completely see their point, it was such a fun, unique way of both raising money for KIDS and boosting confidence. I am so pleased I did it."

KIDS are an amazing charity and almost every penny they get goes directly into the cause. I have been lucky enough to work with some of the team over the past couple of years and see what they do for disabled kids and their families in the Hackney area. They fully deserve all the help they can get!”

A big thank you to all that came along! Your amazing fundraising efforts went above and beyond, and have covered the costs of three children to attend our playgrounds for a whole year. We hope you had a fantastic evening! A special thank you to our corporate teams from The Royal Bank of Scotland, Firefly Communications, Barclays UK, Sopio Cards and Santander UK.

To read a blog from Firefly Communications about their experience of the evening - click here and to see pictures of the night – check out the album here.


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