Small Steps Appeal

Please support our appeal - to help fund our Home Learning service for disabled babies and children

Home Learning is an early education intervention programme. In partnership with parents, we plan individual programmes for each child.

We focus on encouraging the child to reach the next stage of their development. All achievements, large or small, are celebrated. 

Watching a child take their first steps is one of the joys of parenthood. Yet when I first met Selena, she couldn’t even sit up, roll over or crawl. 

She was born eight weeks prematurely and has cerebral palsy.

At first, she had very limited gross motor skills. Her debilitating condition caused damage to the parts of her brain that control balance, movement and posture. At eight months, she was sleeping and eating like a newborn. All the developmental milestones that mark the beginning of a child’s life were absent.

Now she’s fast approaching her second birthday and the change in her is remarkable.

She can do puzzles and scribbling like any child her age. She reads our facial expressions and tells us what she needs with her own. She can sit independently, pull herself up to standing and has started crawling. It takes a huge amount of energy for Selena to control her little body to do these simple things. But she’s very determined, loves to play and is full of smiles. 

With your help, we can still provide life-changing support for many disabled children and their families.

For example, a gift of just £25 could help pay for a home learning session for a child like Selena.

Please help us if you can.

Many thanks for your consideration 


Home learning Practitioner


If you are a trustee of a grant-making body and would like to learn more about this project, please contact Karine Pardé or Michael Koudounas from KIDS’ trusts team for further information.


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